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4 best cryptocurrency trading platforms –

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As soon as the global finance market heard about the cryptocurrency launch, many investors and traders formed an inclination toward this digital and financial technology that has changed the markets worldwide. Due to its attraction, this digital advancement pulled several spectators towards it. 

The cryptocurrency industry began to rise in the early years after the launch. As traders observed cryptocurrencies’ financial conveniences, they initiated their adaptation. It is essential to have a medium of a platform that facilitates those procedures and operations in cryptocurrency investments.

Many trading platforms began trading and exchanges using digital currencies like the and profited in billions of dollars. Here is the list of the four best trading platforms that offer the best services and are appreciated globally.

Four Best Trading Platforms

In the global digital finance market, every cryptocurrency trading platform has a specific feature that distinguishes it from other platforms. Here is the list of the four best trading platforms that facilitate and offer their users beneficial facilities.

  • Coinbase
  • Hodlnaut
  • BlockFi


If you are a beginner in crypto trading, Coinbase is the best platform for you. It is known in the world of cryptocurrencies that a beginner investor or buyer can easily have access to Coinbase. The operations of Coin base platform are easy to understand and to work with. It is like using an online banking app, which people are already comfortable with.

Moreover, Coinbase also facilitates proficient traders and investors as the firm has also launched a pro program named Coinbase Pro, where more enhanced facilities are available for the users. Initially, Coinbase was a firm based in San Francisco, but now it has no operations center and works as a digital platform only. The total market price of Coinbase exchanges is over 36 billion dollars.

Coinbase is an internationally recognized firm that offers a variety of cryptocurrencies and better security for its users. It is the best platform for beginners and other proficient traders because it allows investing directly in dollars.

However, it also incorporates pros and cons, and investors must inquire and be well-informed about these advantages and disadvantages before investing.

Pros Cons
Enhanced security system No access to the private keys
Easy layout to use The charges/fees are a relatively high
Various variety of cryptocurrencies Customer service is a bit unresponsive

Coinbase also stores the equivalent amount of the digital funds of the users in US dollars in FDIC- Federal Deposit Corporation. This feature ensures high security for the users if they find any loss of funds in the future. Hence, Coinbase is a user-friendly platform for all kinds of traders. was produced in Hong Kong in 2016 and is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms. It is user-friendly and offers various facilities at a click. It is foremost the best trading mobile application that investors can use anytime.

Pros Cons
User-friendly Relatively high trading fees up to 0.40%
It supports over 250 cryptocurrencies Lack of customer service
A debit card is provided Complex fee procedures
Weekly interest payments No desktop-based platform

If you are looking for a trading app to invest in on the go, is the best opportunity you can have.


Another trading efficient platform is Hodlnaut. It is a Singaporean firm and the best platform for lending and saving purposes. It offers various facilities that benefit investors in earning interests and saving profits. The disadvantage is that it only supports and offers Bitcoins and Stablecoins.

On this platform, earning rates are incredibly advantageous for any investor. One can make 7.46% on Bitcoins, and on USDC, earnings can be up to 12.73%.

Pros Cons
High-Interest payments Limited support; only BTC and USDT
No need for the balance required Not an efficient international platform
Free contributions of $20 on $1000 Low customer service outside Singapore


Blockfi is an investment platform where investors can earn high interest. It also offers the users to borrow money using Bitcoin as collateral. The prominent feature of Blockfi is its interest rates. It provides a 9.5% APY interest rate to its users who stock their assets.

Pros Cons
No charges Restricted free extractions
Based in the USA Limited support to specific tokens and coins
 High-interest earnings

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