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ATAIX Launches White Label Crypto Exchange Services To Help You Save Time And Money – GlobeNewswire

Tallinn, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ataix is the easiest place to buy, sell, and trade digital currency.

With their cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, you can engage in a seamless and advanced crypto trading experience and access all major and emerging coins both quickly and securely, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Their focus on safety, means that Ataix operates strictly in accordance with all the relevant EU licenses, while also utilizing high-end security measures, to ensure that any potential risks are mitigated.

Now, Ataix has launched their white label crypto exchange service that allows firms to release their own cryptocurrency exchange under their own brand name but with the benefit of operating under the license of Ataix, so they don’t have to undergo the lengthy process of trying to obtain their own.

The Benefits of a White Label Crypto Exchange

Ataix wants to give firms the opportunity to leverage their trading platform to give their customers access to safe and unlimited crypto trading.

Their white label crypto exchange service provides firms with their existing and proven crypto exchange infrastructure, so that they can offer the same services and products to their customers under their own brand name.

This service, accessed via a monthly subscription, lessens the time consuming and expensive task of firms not only obtaining a license themselves, but also removes the headache of having to set up their own crypto exchange infrastructure.

With five years’ experience on the market, 100+ crypto and 5+ fiat currencies and 30+ platform-based projects, Ataix has the expertise on how to efficiently buy, sell, and trade digital currency. This means that, through their White Label Crypto Exchange service, firms can expect to receive a range of benefits from their experience and knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector.

Some of Ataix’s White Label Crypto Exchange service benefits are:

  • KYC Platform – Efficiently manage all policies and regulatory compliance requirements from initial take-on right through the entire client lifecycle with Ataix’s professional KYC Platform.
  • Security and Performance – Your firm doesn’t have to worry about any safety issues as Ataix incorporates the latest and EU-compliant security patches and practices, including DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, 2FA, and activity control performance.
  • Innovative API – Access advanced automated trading strategies with their real-time API. REST and WebSocket APIs, that provide access to all available features and enable easy 3rd party integration.
  • Order Matching – The matching engine at Ataix processes up to 6,000 orders per second allowing Limit Orders, including ‘Good till cancel, Immediate or cancel, Fill, or kill, stop orders’, as well as Market Orders.
  • Liquidity and Market Making – Ataix allows firms to provide liquidity and the best exchange rates for their users, as it mirrors the prices from other exchanges and hedging operations that automatically ensure low market risk.
  • Safe Deposits and Withdrawals – All deposits are processed through internal blockchain nodes automatically without any third-party service providers. Not only this, but to further ensure safety, withdrawals are processed from internal hot wallets automatically.

These are not the only list of advantages to using Ataix’s White Label Crypto Exchange service but they also offer Altcoin listing, an affiliate and referral program, friendly and accessible customer support, as well as multilingual support in a variety of languages.

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To find out more about Ataix and their White Label Crypto Exchange service or to read some helpful cryptocurrency advice on their informative blog, please visit their website at


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