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From Learning To Trading: Investing & Trading Courses To Learn Stock Market The Easy Way –

The author of the article is Sidhavelayutham M., Founder and CEO, Alice Blue

Most individuals generally anticipate that stock market investments are exceedingly hazardous and likely to result in a loss. Based on this, fewer than 10% of Indian households invest in alternative assets, such as stocks or mutual funds. Instead, they stick to saving in banks and post offices or investing in gold and real estate. This has been the primary reason for millennials’ lack of interest and familiarity with diverse financial and investing alternatives. Presently a large bracket of investors has very little knowledge regarding the handling of personal finances or estimating cash investment to obtain financial independence.

However, the pandemic period saw a rise in stock market investments by the young investors of India, suggesting a significant chance of bettering interest in conventional investing options. The Demat accounts for NSDL increased by 32.43% between 2017 to 2020. Whereas for CDSL, they increased by 72.3577% between 2017 to 2020. Mainly millennials between the age of 24 to 39 opened these accounts. A report from Internshala indicated that enrolment in trading and investing courses also rose by 60% between 2016 to 2020.

Sidhavelayutham M , Founder & CEO, Alice Blue
Sidhavelayutham M , Founder & CEO, Alice Blue

The stock market is a playfield for a diverse variety of traders and investors, having a variety of financial goals based on their risk-taking capacity. However, the risk aspect is cautionary because unplanned investment or trading without comprehending why prices move high or low might cost a heavy price. Therefore, portfolio diversification, learning the fundamentals and understanding the trading methodology remains crucial to maintaining good profits and taking calculated risks to reduce the likelihood of trading losses.

Today, learners have easy options of taking online courses from experienced faculty at a reduced cost, at one’s own pace and the convenience of their home. Various investment and trading courses are available to help learners make informed decisions in the stock market and learn basic terminologies related to various financial instruments. These courses teach how to analyse stocks while following market trends and trade, invest in the stock market using high-level techniques, and other topics.

Several structured courses are also available to assist in increasing wealth irrespective of whether one is a novice and needs to understand the fundamentals or an experienced person who wants to study the most recent information. Courses can be chosen based on personal goals to make the best sensible trades. For a better understanding of how the stock market operates, a market analysis can be done in conjunction with the course. And, for hands-on experience in the stock market, Demat and trading accounts can also be set up.

Some courses that can help with the market knowledge are:

  • Option trading courses – Bull put spread, Bull call spread, Sell call, sell put courses
  • Price action swing trading strategy courses
  • Intraday trading strategies
  • And other courses on fundamental and technical analysis
  • Nifty and bank nifty strategy
  • Multi channel trading system

The pandemic has propelled young investors to explore new avenues of investments, owing to low interest in saving money and increased global liquidity. As per anticipations, the stock markets of China and India have the potential to grow fourfold by the year 2050. The increased investments in the stock market will not only contribute to personal wealth but also India’s growth trajectory. Taking market courses, much of which are easily accessible, will help you to take calculated risks for a better future. And if one makes investing a habit, one will eventually see high returns in future. 


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