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Live Q&A: What’s next after the crypto market crash? – Financial Times

Crypto is in the midst of one of the worst market crashes the relatively new industry has ever witnessed.

Since the peak of last year’s bull run, the most popular crypto tokens such as bitcoin and ether have plummeted by roughly 70 per cent, while the size of the industry itself has fallen from more than $3tn dollars to less than $1tn.

Crypto is far from the only asset class affected by the broader macroeconomic environment, but the fall of digital asset prices has gutted an array of once-established players across the industry, including lenders, stablecoin issuers and retail and institutional investors alike.

Adam Samson, the FT’s markets news editor and Scott Chipolina, the FT’s digital assets correspondent, will answer your questions about what lies ahead for the sector throughout the day on Wednesday July 20.

Post your questions in the comments below, and our FT reporters will drop in regularly to respond to them.


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