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Market mastermind Asmita Patel says day trading is injurious to wealth, suggests only 15 minutes of screen – Economic Times

To some she’s known as the ‘She-wolf of the stock market’; some know her as the ‘Queen of options trading’, and some look up to her as an inventor and a market mastermind. Challenging the conventional ways of stock market trading, and backing her arguments with logic, Asmita Patel, who developed a pathbreaking way to trade options, has become a role model for lakhs of traders globally. Her name made headlines earlier this year when her ‘Best Day Trading Tip’ video went viral on YouTube.

Here, she lists five reasons why one should quit day trading immediately.

High-frequency And Quant Algorithm Traders Hurt Retail Day-traders
Today’s retail day trader is up against some stiff competition in the form of super computers and algorithms that are programmed by math “wizards” — which obviously makes it more erratic, less predictable and a lot harder for the average retail day trader to make money. Leverage in day trading is a trap One of the many reasons why beginners are attracted to day trading is the high margin of leverage provided to them. But, with high leverage comes high brokerage, high amount of tax and to top that, when you trade with such huge leverage, your emotions are amplified which results in great loss.

Day Trading = Day Wasted
Day traders claim that they make profits in just five or 10 minutes but that’s only half the truth. The disturbing reality is, they sit with their eyes glued to a screen all day, only to end up making peanut-sized profits.

Greater Clutter In The Charts Leads To A Tired Brain
Day traders refer to the lower time frame data which is highly volatile and creates more noise. The human brain finds it tough to accept so much information, making it difficult to process everything in a limited period of time.

Asmita Patel

An Ultra-Stressful Experience
What looks like an exciting, high adrenaline life is actually a painful and unhealthy way to live. Why should traders choose to stay chained to a screen all day when they can trade in 15 minutes and build wealth peacefully?

What Works Instead
Patel believes the stock market is a treasure chest of opportunities but only with the right systems and strategies can people capitalise on it. She teaches her students to master five key principles — learn price action trading; don’t predict the market; say no to indicators, patterns and graphs; spend only 15 minutes a day and adopt a healthy trading mindset — to earn massive profits and a consistent monthly income.

“An analysis of IMF’s 47 years data across 190 countries shows India is set to record its best-ever economic performance on the global stage in the next five years. This is the moment for people to join and benefit from this tremendous growth. I want my fellow Indians to be financially free — free from a pay-cheque-to-paycheque life and free from the constant struggle to have their basic needs met,” she shared. A full-time trader with more than 17 years under her belt, Patel has developed a proprietary, 100 per cent objective system that helps traders trade successfully in just 15 minutes a day, without using any indicators, patterns, graphs or greeks.

Her system, known as “Price action trading”, has helped lakhs of students become full-time traders. Since its inception, the Asmita Patel Global School of Trading has been on a mission to make India trade. Her motive is simple — teach people how to trade, grow their wealth and achieve prosperity. Her strategies are explained in a student friendly, rule-based format and are so simple that even a seventh-standard child can understand them. Through her work, Patel has broken barriers and risen to fame in a traditionally maledominated industry. She is highly admired for her strong ethics, crystal-clear thought process and unwavering passion for the stock market.

Three-Day Intensive Workshop
This month, Patel is hosting Asia’s biggest stock market event — ‘Let’s Make India Trade’ — to help traders embark on a journey towards profitable trading.

A three-day, fully virtual live event, ‘Let’s Make India Trade’ will cause a radical shift in how you view the stock market. The event is designed to

you to trade confidently and increase your wealth. ‘Let’s Make India Trade’ is Patel’s signature mentoring program, which transforms not only your trading skills, but also your mindset and relationship with money. Past speakers at this event have included eminent personalities such as Kapil Dev, Vishen Lakhiani, Sonu Sharma, Pratik Gandhi and UjjwalPatni.

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