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Sunnyside Equity Creates PICKLE for Day Traders – Benzinga – Benzinga

Lehi, Utah–(Newsfile Corp. – April 13, 2022) – Sunnyside Equity Holdings, a private equity firm founded by Will Vigil, has developed PICKLE, the company’s proprietary AI software. With PICKLE, Sunnyside Equity aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help day traders to potentially trade without emotional bias.

PICKLE arrives at a time when AI is being incorporated more and more into various industries, taking over tasks normally performed by humans. Through the algorithms used in AI, companies generally seek to streamline their daily operations and make them more efficient.

PICKLE, however, may represent a new development in the use of AI, as it is designed to potentially do two actions: first, predict and mimic trades across its platform, with the goal of never falling below markers set by its system, ultimately allowing the system to sell off on gains across multiple accounts simultaneously during trading times, and second, make trading decisions free of any emotions.

“We are excited about the creation of PICKLE and what it may mean for the day trading industry,” says Sunnyside Equity. “PICKLE is the result of two years of testing, and it was developed to pick a stock and follow markers and then mimic that same algorithm across multiple accounts. PICKLE sets its markers to buy and get out regardless of the market’s trends that day.”

While it remains to be seen how PICKLE might impact day trading, some early users of the platform have been positive. 

Sunnyside Equity hopes that PICKLE will lead to the further use of AI in day trading. “We are just scratching the surface of what artificial technology can do. PICKLE is only the beginning.”

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